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Lena’s silhouette story


A degree in fine art started Lena on her way as a portrait painter and a public school art teacher.  It was while she was teaching that she was first approached about creating silhouettes of the children.  Having no previous experience in silhouetting, she at first declined.  So it was in spite of herself that she began silhouette cutting, simply because the school insisted.  Later that year a professional in the art showed her the technique of direct cutting that professional silhouette artists use.

        Because of her background in portrait painting, she quickly picked up on the skill of silhouetting.   She cuts in the European embellished style, in which extra cuts show hair and clothing details.

        Lena is equally skilled at capturing an accurate likeness from personal 5 minute sittings, or from photographs.  Now with the advent of computers and digital cameras, fund raisers can be done over the internet or through the mail from side-view pictures.  Now distance is no longer an obstacle.  Silhouette home parties can also be conducted through the mail.   Contact her for detailed information.



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