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Please just describe here who you are having together in the group silhouette.  Then attach the individual order forms for each person.  Let me know how many groupings you would like to order.  For example if you want one of your son by himself and 2 of him with his two brothers, you would fill out an individual order form for each child and mark that you need one silhouette and 2 duplicates of each person.  Then on this form below you would indicate who is together and how many of each group you need.

Ornaments are also available for group portraits.  The price is $20.00 per ornament whether the ornament holds a single silhouette in miniature or a group silhouette.  Indicate ornaments needed below also.

Names of those to be in your family grouping __________________________________________________

How many family group silhouettes:____________________

Additional requests:

Please also fill out an individual form for each person.


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