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Silhouette artists who are skilled at achieving an exact likeness are rare.  There are a hand-full in the United States and several in Europe and a few other countries.  For this reason they are in demand for department store promotions, attractions in children's stores and gift shops.  Silhouette artists can also offer fund raising opportunities to churches, day care centers, schools, Mom's clubs and other organizations.

Silhouette artists have always traveled from town to town to be available to a wide audience.  You can also travel to places like Disney World, here or in France or Japan to have a silhouette made.  But now silhouettes can so easily be made from photos through the mail or e-mail.  The process is the same, free-hand scissors cutting, but instead of a live sitting, you can just snap a side-view picture and the artist looks at the picture instead of a live model in order to create the silhouette.  Ornaments are also available for fund raisers. 

Using photographs instead of live sittings works for gift shops, children's stores, home parties and fund raisers.  Lena would send all the promotional materials needed to advertise the event.  She will supply flyers, brochures, samples, posters and newspaper advertising.  Also you will receive order envelopes and a digital camera and printing dock to use during the promotion.  You are also welcome to use your own camera and send a disc with the order forms when sending in the order.    We normally run these kinds of promotions for a 2 week period.  At the end of that time you would return the samples and send the orders.  You should expect your order to be filled in about 2 weeks.  You receive 20% of the total profit.




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